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  • Server Now Hardwired

    The lone server that serves as not only online hosting provider for Silicate Illusion website but the internal network needs of the Silicate Illusion lan was recently moved from a Wi-Fi connection to a wired connection. The server was on a wifi connection mostly for the reason that it was not within the current budget to run a wire from the switch to the server box. That all changed when a friend recommended MonoPrice.com for all my ethernet needs.

    MonoPrice.com has many various products, but most notably is their ethernet cables. Similar cables found on other Big Name Retailer websites can be found on MonoPrice.com for 3 to 4 times cheaper. This has enabled me to convert nice chunks of the Silicate Illusion internal network into wired connections. All my future projects that require wiring with ethernet cables will have MonoPrice.com as my choice provider of cables.