Teldra IRC Bot

One of my more recent projects deals with the creation of an IRC Bot. I recently have been using IRC more as of late hanging out on the End of Evolution IRC network ( The client I have been using to connect to irc is mIRC. My interest in creating a bot piqued several weeks back after successfully creating an script for use within mIRC that provided a variety of fun commands for use. Well I have finally embarked upon this project and came upon the problem of how I was going to write this bot.

Well Google provided the answer with a java framework by the name of PircBot. PircBot provides an abstract class that allows java programmers to write bots that can connect to an IRC Network and respond to various events such as messages sent to channels, actions, or even DCC File requests. PircBot even provides the framework for a bot that can talk back using the JMegaHal package. Kudos to Paul at for writing this bot.

So I have started this project under the name of Teldra (Don’t ask me why, ’cause it randomly came to me in the shower). Currently Teldra will provide the ability to talk back to users who talk to her, Store quotes, tell the time, pass along messages, host reminders, repeat programmed factoids, and probably play games. Teldra will also have a GUI so you can control what server she is connected to (Possible Multi-server use), what channels she connects to, if she should learn from certain channels, Change the name of the bot connected to a server, etc. etc. etc…

Eventually a Java Projects section will be coming to Silicate Illusion to show case my various java projects.